STEAM Magnet Schools

Inglewood Elementary is one of five theme-based STEAM magnet schools in MNPS that offer students an exciting, nurturing, and safe environment where children thrive.

Magnet schools are the single largest form of school choice in our country, serving over 3.5 million students across over 4,300 schools. We have deep ties with community partners who share their knowledge, skills, and passion with our teachers and students. Exposure to experts such as scientists, artists, environmentalists, and activists connects core academics to solving real-world problems and allows children to imagine bigger and better possibilities for their futures. Inglewood Elementary serves students living within our school zone and others from throughout the city who apply through the School Options process. No testing is required to apply.

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STEAM Stands For…


Inglewood Elementary’s theme is environmental sciences. Our passionate and caring teachers embed this subject matter into everything we do–from learning about animal movement patterns in PE class to understanding the impact of food waste during our lunch time. Our in-depth, collaborative, and hands-on curriculum contextualizes learning for students.

Environmental Sciences Theme

Our theme invites students to work creatively and critically to consider how to solve global environmental challenges. They are empowered to develop possible solutions using abundant technology and the engineering design process. STEAM is further enhanced through enrichment opportunities including off-site and on-site field trips, on-stage performances, creative after-school care, engineering challenges, and STEAM enrichment clubs.

Community Partners

We are grateful for robust community supports, including from partners who help enhance our students’ experiences through their partnerships:

Urban Green Lab
Support with creating a Green Team.

Turnip Green Creative Reuse
Provide our students with opportunities to create items with reused materials and more.

Land Trust for Tennessee
Tree planting.

Metro Public Health Department and TDEC
Air quality awareness.

Friends of Shelby and Metro Parks
Virtual field trips, field trips, creating scavenger hunt for our students to do on site, etc.

Cedar Crest
Field trip, but also working to create a cohort for our teachers in regards to environmental sciences.