COVID and Remote Learning

Whether in-person or virtual, learning continues.

Academic Resources

When the COVID-19 pandemic led to the closure of schools in March of 2020, Inglewood Elementary was fortunate to be able to lean on our strong relationships within our school and neighborhood. We have been able to leverage these relationships to maintain our strong community despite our physical distance. We’ve proven that anything is possible when we come together as a loving community with a common goal – that of educating and nurturing our children.


All Inglewood students have access to Clever, which can be accessed using their MNPS email and password.


Online Resources

Once in Clever, students gain access to some of our most used online resources including:

Schoology: Schoology is a virtual learning environment that allows teachers to create, manage, and share useful academic content.

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a communication platform.

Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Outlook is an emailing service.

Lexia Learning: Lexia is a program that supports the development of oral language, reading, spelling, and writing skills for students through student-driven and teacher-directed personalized instruction.

iReady: i‑Ready is a comprehensive assessment and instruction program that empowers educators with the resources they need to help all students succeed.

Resources for Parents


If you’re having trouble with any of the tools that we use for remote learning, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’ve mastered the MNPS online resources and will gladly help you solve any issues that you may encounter.

You can reach us at 615-262-6697615-262-6697.